Friday, 11 March 2011

What to photograph on a grey day when the light is flat?


  1. This one's a gem. How did you do it? I'm struggling to remember how I did this one so maybe you can tell me!

  2. Thanks! I did this using the adjustment brush in Lightroom 3. Starting with a large brush to desaturate the bulk of the picture and moving to progressively finer brushes to work round the detail. This one was relatively easy as the surroundings were all pretty monochrome anyway, so I didn't need to be 100% accurate. Yours seems to have some residual colour in some areas, so maybe you found a different way? But whether intentional or a 'feature' of the process, I like the subtle green lichen tinge to the edge of the gravestone - gives an ambiguity as to which world they're in!

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