Thursday, 21 October 2010


I'm left speechless, gobsmacked by the brazen lies, cronyism and sheer callousness of our government.
" of the richest corporations in Britain, Vodafone, had an outstanding tax bill of £6bn – but Osborne simply cancelled it this year. If he had made them pay, he could have prevented nearly all the cuts to all the welfare recipients in Britain. You try refusing to pay your taxes next time, and see if George Osborne shows the same generosity to you as he does to the super-rich."
Extract from here; details of the Vodafone story here


  1. Shit, I rather wish I hadn't read this. (No, not really. We do need to know).

  2. I can understand what you mean, Jean. The rank injustice of it has permeated all the corners of mind this morning. Feeling angry and powerless now.

  3. Absolutely outrageous! But why aren't people out on the streets protesting about this sort of thing?

    There was a very good piece by Mark Steel in yesterday's Independent "Shamed by our spirit of protest" (P.4 of the Viewspaper section. It might be viewable online) lamenting the passive British response to such political unfairness. He compares this attitude to other countries (eg France) where people are much more vocal and active in their indignation. Granted that we don't need rioting in the strets but *some* public show of outrage just might make a difference.