Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Not yet

I was mistaken. I'm not ready for this yet. Oh, well... Another time, perhaps.


  1. I've just been looking at your very lovely and satisfying photos of the Spring Awakening band and especially of the performers in the dress rehearsal. I do hope you won't go away again completely or for too long. You have things to share that are so valuable and beautifully expressed.

  2. Kind words, Jean - thank you. But I stumble and fumble over saying the simplest things these days. Or even thinking things, before I get as far as saying them. Whatever spark there might once have been is mostly very feeble these days.

    Spring Awakening was a fantastic show - in many ways, the best I've ever done. It left a big hole when it was over, for everyone involved. It may have been the coming-alive-ness which it engendered that prompted me to believe I could raise enough creative energy to get a blog going again. But after six shows this year, there are no more on the horizon, and the soul-destroying nature of work comes once more to the fore. But it pays the bills, so I try not to complain.